And Then Got Better

So, after a night of scheming (with very little sleep) and a day of hectic phone calls, the light is back at the end of the tunnel, an escape route is hypothesized for the group as a whole as well as an alternate for our family (though neither are actually planned as of yet), and the stress levels are way down.

Still, the trip to New Hampshire that was supposed to happen the end of this month is off, and that makes me sad.

It Hit the Fan

So, I've been tooling along, minding my own business, living in the status quo for quite a while now. We haven't been making progress toward our goals, but we do know where we're heading and are on the same page in that regard. Then today the bombshell drops.

Our housing situation is now in flux. We could need to refigure very quickly, and at the moment, we have no easy answers. The only decision that is "easy" is that the trip I've been looking forward to for the last year is off.

Tempers are short, accusations and guilt-trips flying, and the light at the end of the tunnel has gone out.