I found a site I wanted to share with everyone. This site is: BookCrossing.com. It's been around for a while, but I just stumbled across it for the first time today. It basically lets you put a label on your books (with an individualized tracking number) and "release" them by handing them to a friend or leaving them somewhere they're likely to be found and enjoyed. Found books may be lucky enough to get a journal entry to record their travels so that the path the book takes can be enjoyed by the original sender and subsequent finders.

Also, as a part of this idea, there are fairly regular book exchanges done as "book rings" or "book rays" where the books are passed from one person to another. (Ring books end up back at home, rays do not.) Though this is not the primary purpose of the site, it is certainly a fairly obvious modification of the original idea and happens pretty frequently from what I can tell.

Please visit by clicking this link and see what you think. If you choose to sign up, my referral name is "Evenstar75." I get nothing out of it but credit for having referred people (so don't feel pressured by the referral thing). I just think it's a very nice idea of a way to pass along the books that you no longer want.


Imaginary Friends

So, my son was telling me last night about his imaginary friends. He apparently has two imaginary friends. Luke Skywalker and WS. We spoke mostly about WS, because this was the first I've heard him talk about him. (He loves Luke Skywalker from the original Star Wars movies and the Lego Star Wars games that he enjoys playing.)

WS is a boy with short brown hair and brown eyes. He sometimes stays at our house, sometimes at other houses, and sometimes lives in the trees. (We had this talk while driving, so the trees might have been added simply because they were part of the scenery.) He said that they shared their food (he shared his food with WX and WX shared his with Tre as well). He told me that sometimes WS's food was good and sometimes it was yucky.

Anyway, it may be a very passing thing, but I wanted to make notes so that he would remember as he grows up... if I had imaginary friends growing up, I don't remember anything about them. And in that respect, I'll continue to add more detail as I hear more about him.


Pretty, Pretty

So, I've been futzing with layouts on various sites. And I've decided that this is really the way I want just about everything to look. I love the colors, love the fonts, love the simplicity.

The tan and blue combination is very attractive to me. I tried going primarily blue, but that's just overwhelming. With tan as the primary, the focus actually ends up being more on the blue. I kept black and white for readability of key portions. The limited number of colors keeps things simple, which I find attractive in and of itself.

The primary font I'm using is "Comic Sans," one that I believe comes default on Microsoft systems. (It should revert to Arial if you don't have Comic Sans.) Comic Sans is a fairly neat print font. The page title font, you'll probably see as Comic Sans as well. That's not the way I'd prefer it, but most people don't have the "ShelleyVolante" font (my first choice) on their computer. Shelley Volante is a gorgeous script font with very fine lines. I think of it as very beautiful, neat cursive writing. Both ShelleyVolante and Comic Sans seem somewhat like handwriting to me, and therefore seem a bit more personal than most other fonts I've come across.

If you're interested in trying to get Shelley Volante (or my slight modification of it, Shelley Evenstar), please send me a note and I'll see what I can do.