So, I've got this problem that I've never been able to find a solution for. I have a job that takes all of my body (eyes, ears, hands, feet, and basic body position) but only about 10 percent of my brain. One other complicating factor is that if I get bored, I fall asleep regardless of how rested I may be.

If it took none of my brain, it would be easy. I'd let my mind wander off to wherever it wanted to go and keep at the job. If it took more of my brain, it would be fine. I'd be able to concentrate on the job and just get it done. If it took less of my body, I could find other ways to occupy my mind, such as listening to music, or watching TV, or working while on a treadmill, or petting my dog, or something.

But as it is, I alternate between trying to concentrate on my job and falling asleep and trying to distract my mind and getting too distracted and not working.

Since I get paid only for the work I get done, this isn't a horrible problem (I won't lose my job over it), but it does mean that I spend MANY more hours working than I ought to be and don't complete enough work to have the money our family needs. Also, I'm working from home, so I have a GREAT deal of flexibility in how I can do this work.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas that may solve my problem. The job that I'm doing is transcription, sitting at a computer operating a foot pedal, listening to the audio and typing it into either Word or Word Perfect (depending on the contract).

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