Frustrating Dog

We have two show-quality Samoyed dogs. Our older dog, Tristan, is well behaved. He was our only dog for several years before we adopted Angel. She also was well behaved. Everything was running smoothly in our family. Then we let my mother breed Angel (we got Angel from Mom for free with Mom retaining breeding rights). During her late pregnancy (once she was due to deliver) through weaning of the puppies, Angel stayed with my mother. When she returned to our home, she did NOT settle back in to life as usual. Instead, she's become a terror.

Where once she was fully housebroken, now she pees in the house all the time (my mother has a dog door, so dogs don't need to ask to go potty). Where once she was trustworthy in the house without constant supervision, now she gets into everything. She's destroyed our bath "scrunchies" on several occassions, she eats any of Tre's dirty diapers she can find (even ones that were in my trash can), and just yesterday she decided to start eating CLEAN diapers, making an attrocious mess with the liquid absorbing powder spread all over our bed.

For about a month now, she's spending almost all of her time in her crate. But when she is let out, if she's not walked and put immediately back in, she finds some way to get into trouble. Rich, my husband, is almost ready to get rid of her and I'm looking for a way to re-train her... which will have to fit in my already rather full schedule.

Hopefully with some time I can once again have my cuddly well-behaved Angel back. We'll see.

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