Craptastic Day

So, it should have been a fairly average day. I got up, had some breakfast, got Tre dressed and went to run some errands. I had a check at the post office (yay!) which should have given us a bit of breathing room.

So, I go to the bank to deposit it and get back a little bit of money for our "special drinks" (Tre likes the orange blended creme drink at Starbucks), and find that we're overdrafted by almost $200, enough that my check won't even bring us even. This is where my bad day really starts.

So, I talk to Rich and he says that the problem is that he forgot to mentally adjust for the car insurance auto-deduct (he won't use a register, no matter how often I encourage him to or how many overdraft charges he gets). But he gives me some money for Starbucks, so I head on, but now I'm feeling a bit down.

At Starbucks, they've got a new employee that I haven't seen before. He's friendly and outgoing and really helps to cheer things up a bit. I also listen to some of my favorite songs while drinking my coffee on the way home, but I'm still in the dumps. I raid Tre's halloween candy, making it the second day this week I've completely disregarded my Weight Watcher's points, fiddle around a bit, and try to get some work done.

Then it's 4 o'clock and time for me to help out at Mom's farm. Now, my mother is paying me to take care of her farm while she's traveling to Michigan and Ohio to see her mom and Dad's dad (my two remaining grandparents). She's got four cows, about 10 bunnies, one duck, and five dogs (she's taken a couple of dogs with her) that I'm taking care of for her. I get over there determined to make the best of it.

The weather is decent (after being too cold the last few days), the sun is about to set, and I'm out "communing" with the animals. But the cows are running low on hay. There's a round bale just outside their fence, and I figure I'll give it a shot to see if I can push it through the gate. I get it rolled over twice (once to the fence, once through) and it stops. No matter what I do it won't budge. But the fence won't close, so I'm really screwed. I push and I shove but it won't move. I move the cows to the dog yard (leading them with their grain), and then I get my car and bump it into the hay... no luck. So, now I've got to go back over there with the truck when Rich gets home from work to try to push it with that. My wrists are both very sore. I'm covered with hay... it's just been a very craptastic day.

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