Weight Loss Countdown

I just did some quick figuring. Assuming that the little weight loss progress bar on fat secret (see it at the bottom of this post) changes colors exactly "on time," this is what I can expect.

Red Bar (Start): 279.00lbs
Orange Bar (1/4 Lost): 241.75lbs
Yellow Bar (1/2 Lost): 204.50lbs
Green Bar (3/4 Lost): 167.25lbs
Blue Bar (GOAL): 130.00lbs

Broken down further into more reachable goals (about 10 pounds each):

Start weight: 279
15 - 270lbs
14 - 261lbs
13 - 252lbs
12 - 242lbs (orange)
11 - 233lbs
10 - 224lbs
09 - 215lbs
08 - 205lbs (yellow)
07 - 196lbs
06 - 186lbs
05 - 177lbs
04 - 167lbs (green)
03 - 158lbs
02 - 149lbs
01 - 140lbs
00 - 130lbs (GOAL... blastoff to healthy living!)

At best, I can expect to lose 10 pounds a month. But that means 16 months to reach my goal. In 16 months of consistency and effort, I could be at my correct body weight.

So, I'm now on a countdown to my ideal weight. Hopefully I'll be able to count down a number each month. At the moment I'm very close to being able to count down to 14 (263.1 as of today)... in a little more than a year I could be at my goal weight! Now, I gotta keep that in mind when I get discouraged...

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