Another Christmas

My son, Tre, is 18 months old, and so although this was technically his second Christmas, it was the first that he was truly able to appreciate. It was an absolute joy watching him tear into packages (irregardless of who they belonged to, though we could distract him with one of his when he got the wrong ones). His joy in Christmas is something that I hope to never forget.

I'm trying to decide how we'll handle the issue of Santa next year, though. He was too young for it to be a real issue this year. I refuse to lie to him, so that's right out, but I see as options either being intentionally misleading while not lying (what I call "Aes Sedai truth"), being vague (not really answering questions or bringing up the topic), or being completely open and honest. I can see so many advantages and disadvantages to each that it's not an easy decision for me. I plan to discuss it with my husband and see what we can decide...

Just after Christmas, Tre realized that he could stick things down his shirt, and because it's snapped at the bottom, it functions as a pocket. Without any encouragement or complaint from his parents, he stuffed blocks, hot wheels sized trucks, and random other stuff down his shirt. Then he walked around patting his belly, listening to the items clunking against each other, and beaming from ear to ear.

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