I've been basically without internet connection since my last post. My main computer is dead (two reloads later, I'm definitely getting a bit frustrated) and we just finalized the move back to southern Virginia with my parents.

My parents are out in the country on 22 acres of land, a very nice spot, but dialup or satellite are the only options for internet. We tried satellite when they first got here, but discovered a "fair use policy" that we consider pretty ridiculous. It basically said that if we maintained an average connection speed of 14.4 over the course of several hours (or a higher speed over much less time) we'd get shut down until the time period (several hours) expired. With a family of four or more computer and internet users, that didn't cut it. So, we're back to dialup, which is hideously slow, but at least it's on more often than not. We're still trying to talk the cable company into running a line here or see if we can get ISDN, but for now, dialup is what we've got.

So, I've got my work computer finally up and connecting to the dialup. Maybe I can be a bit more regular about my blogging now.

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