Imaginary Friends

So, my son was telling me last night about his imaginary friends. He apparently has two imaginary friends. Luke Skywalker and WS. We spoke mostly about WS, because this was the first I've heard him talk about him. (He loves Luke Skywalker from the original Star Wars movies and the Lego Star Wars games that he enjoys playing.)

WS is a boy with short brown hair and brown eyes. He sometimes stays at our house, sometimes at other houses, and sometimes lives in the trees. (We had this talk while driving, so the trees might have been added simply because they were part of the scenery.) He said that they shared their food (he shared his food with WX and WX shared his with Tre as well). He told me that sometimes WS's food was good and sometimes it was yucky.

Anyway, it may be a very passing thing, but I wanted to make notes so that he would remember as he grows up... if I had imaginary friends growing up, I don't remember anything about them. And in that respect, I'll continue to add more detail as I hear more about him.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful is childhood
before a cynical world
destroys the dream and
the imagination.

We are all born with
vivid imaginations and
can have
as much joy as our
minds will afford until
some stinking grown up
decides to crush it.