So, today started out tolerable and has been going downhill since then. I have Andy all day today (I watch him while his parents work, and they have a VERY odd schedule). The boys weren't playing well this morning, so I put them in different rooms doing the same thing (playing video games). That worked briefly, until Tre got frustrated again.

So, we did some group activities, dancing to music and the like, until that fell apart and devolved into something more like fighting. About that time I noticed it was about lunch time. I figured I needed something quick and easy so I went with canned spaghetti-o's. I tried the house can-opener, and it wouldn't engage the can. Grr. But, we have a hand can-opener as well. I tried it. I've NEVER been any good at getting it to work smoothly. After about 30 minutes, I had two cans half open and edible. By this time, I'm ravenous and the boys are under something resembling control, so I start on my lunch (I missed breakfast breaking up problems this morning). But by this time my temper is totally out of control. Now it's nap time for Andy, so hopefully I can rest, recharge and face the afternoon in a better mood.

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