Nose Bleed

Last night we had a bit of excitement.  Tre fell asleep on the floor in front of the TV (a place he often choses to rest).  We were watching a movie and planned to move him to bed when the movie was over.  However, about a half-hour after he fell asleep, we looked down to see that Tre's face, arms, and the floor around him are covered with blood from a nose bleed.  I got him into the shower to clean him up, his nose started bleeding again, and it took a while to stop.

He's had quite a few nose bleeds this summer, though prior to this summer, I don't think he had any.  So, we're heading to the doctor soon (probably Wednesday, due to scheduling conflicts tomorrow) to see if there's any particular problem that might be causing this recurring problem.  I don't think the house is excessively dry, but that is something we've considered.  He's had the nose bleeds both here at home and in Tennessee visiting his grandparents, so it doesn't seem that dry air is very likely, though we're not ruling it out.

I hate it when something is bothering my son and I have no way to fix it right away.  It makes me feel a bit more powerless than normal.

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