Creative Fun

Today I had planned to go to the YMCA with Tre (as I'm not watching Andy), but they have an electrical problem. So, instead he's playing with his LEGOs. His creativity in making LEGO ships continues to astonish me.

We traded his smallish collection of "Mega Blocks" for his dad's HUGE childhood collection of LEGOs last Christmas (passing his Mega Blocks on to his cousin, Andy) and a few small LEGO Star Wars kits. He started asking us to follow some of the instructions to build the pre-designed ships. But very shortly afterward he started putting the pieces together himself following no patterns. Some of the ships he has made look as if they COULD have come from instructions (in fact, I've asked if they did, but so far he hasn't followed the instructions to make anything without adult help). He builds a wide array of different things, but most are space ships of one sort or another. Many use pieces in (what to me are) very creative ways. He seems to have no pre-concieved notions of what the piece is "supposed" to do, but instead looks at it for itself and uses it where he thinks it will work best.

Some of his constructions are straggly, poorly supported monstrosities that seem to have no real rhyme or reason, but more often than not, they are now balanced, symetrical, and fairly functional. This whole process has been incredibly fun to watch.

This afternoon, we're going to the local park for some play time outdoors, hopefully with other kids.

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